tip (on/for doing something)

Hello Alan, Mister Micawber, Beeesneees, Mordant, Esl_Expert and other native English speakers,

Here are some tips [color=red]to help you reduce the amount of gas you use.

Shouldn’t [color=red]to help be “for helping” or “on helping”?

I think it should, because the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary says:
oxfordadvancedlearnersdictio … ionary/tip
a small piece of advice about something practical
tip (on/for doing something) handy tips for buying a computer

It’s fine as it is.

Here is some advice to help you quit smoking.
Here are some tablets to help you sleep.
Here are some suggestions to help you improve your English.

Thank you, B.

  • handy tips for buying a computer
  • handy tips on buying a computer
  • handy tips to buy a computer

Are these all fine?

The last one doesn’t fit together as well as the others, The handy tip doesn’t tell you how to buy a computer, which is what the use of 'to in this context implies.