Time will show, if our love did last,
Reveal the faults, made in the past.
Should we recall the things we said,
The hurtful words stayed in your head.

Time will tell, who was right or wrong,
But maybe girl, we’ll recall that song.
The song we sang, when love was new,
The lyrics fresh, just me and you.

Someday, somehow, we may recall,
How close we were, before the fall.
They say some loves, just never die,
Is there a chance for you and I?

I’ll take the blame, I always do.
You were never wrong, no my love not you.
Yes time will tell, if we’ll love again,
It needs your kiss, to ease my pain.
To show the world, that all is well,
Will you return? … only time will tell.


thanks you

Hi Kitosdad,

I think your verse is brilliant. Thank you.

Thank you Geo. It didn’t take long to compose … about ten minutes.

Thank you my friend for this pretty verse. I like this one:)
Unfortunately I still can’t write my poems in English

Thank you Lub. As usual, your voice matched the sentiments perfectly.

Wow … Is it a song? or just a poem? I hope you can make a song out of it… Very romantic…

Good morning Aubrey. You write the music, and we will share the royalties. :slight_smile:

I have hundreds of them, or at least I had. Many of them went into the trash, unread and unloved, except by my mother. She always thought they were good. I thought they pleased her, and that was sufficient praise for me, just as my friends here who appreciate and enjoy them.

Thanks, Kitos.