'Time table' vs. 'Schedule' vs. 'Meeting time'

Hi, teachers:

  1. What is the difference among “Time table” & “Schedule” & “Meeting time” ?
  2. If I write a email to have an appointment or a meeting, which one I can use ?

Many thanks for your help in advance !

“Meeting time” is the time when you actually meet. That’s what you’d use in your e-mail.

A “timetable” is a schedule of several events that happen in sequence.

If we discuss about projects, which term should we use ? ‘schedule’ or ‘timetable’

Schedule is preferred to timetable.

So, when to use ‘timetable’ is better than ‘schedule’.

Many thanks in advance

Simply looking at a dictionary would resolve the whole problem. Here are definitions from the Longman Online Dictionary:

a plan of what someone is going to do and when they are going to do it

1 British English, a list of the times at which buses, trains, planes etc arrive and leave [= schedule American English]
2 a list of the times of classes in a school, college etc. [= schedule American English]
3 a plan of events and activities, with their dates and times [= schedule]

You can find this dictionary here:

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