Time needed for Preparing GRE

Hi all,
I need to score 1000 or more in GRE for candidancy standing.
How much time do I need to prepare for scoring 1000 or better?
I am a full time student in an university.
How much time should I spend weekely on GRE?
Considering all the conditions , will I able to take test in late October?

Donot be nervous about gre. To score 1000 is easy. I am a full time stuent in university too, and will take October test. Put all your spare time into the preparation and that would be enough. It does need efforts to crack gre, but a little faith is needed as Scofield and Burrow told us to break the “prison”. Just do it.

Good luck.

I agree, 1000 is a very easy score to obtain. Personally, I spent 3 months of steady studying and got 1270, which I felt was very good. I spent a couple of hours a day and then when part time for 2 weeks before the test and spent 8h a day studying. I went into the test feeling confident about my chances and was so pleased I had spent so much time studying…