Three things you need to be a successful English learner

It’s interesting to see that there are so many people who want to know how to learn English but only very few are ready to actually accept the answer. There are just three things you need know and do to become a successful English learner: How to become a successful English learner?

Let me know what you think.
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Aristotle has this to say on habit - “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit”.

Hi Torsten
Actually, for me, the success is the basis of everything, and to reach your goal, is the true meaning.
I think it’s not easy to be successful English learner, if you don’t have real and strong will.
That’s what i’m doing with the english, I got into the habit of practicing english every day…
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The success is practicing English every day.

I quite agree with Aryam.

Ther is one thing to be a successful English learner. Your willing

Hello everybody,
Gray, thank you alot for Aristote’s think!

send me the more details about using forum. beacause i am very much interesting english in fast mode.

abdul malik

almost abide by the saying…" [color=blue]if there is a will …there is a way…!!"

There are a lot of people who say they want to improve their English but at the same time they ignore basic language rules such as capitalizing the beginning of a sentence or words like ‘English’ and ‘I’. Now, if somebody is not willing or able to develop the habit of starting each sentence with a capital letter, how can they ever become ‘successful’ English learners? It’s like the person who wants to become a maths professor but at the same time doesn’t want to learn how to count from 0 to 100.

Once you have developed bad punctuation or spelling habits it’s very difficult to correct that behaviour later on. As a learner of English is absolutely crucial that you stick to basic spelling and typing rules because they way you compose a written text tells the reader a lot about your person. If you ignore basic language rules it’s very likely that you do the same in other areas of life as well. I would not hire a person who has bad typing habits because that person will probably ignore large parts of the employment contract too.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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You are right dear Torsten. Capitalization and punctuation are very important skills in English. I remember most of my English teachers in the university used to give us a negative mark when we did not indent, capitalize or put the right punctuation mark. Therefore, to be a sucessful English learner you have to practise a lot English rules (like indentation, capitalization and punctuation). Once you begin to make sure that you abide by the English rules in your writing skills it becomes habitual.

this is Amal. i really like you dear Torsten because you put me in the right way of studying English.

We must be persistant in studying English.Never forget about our aim.If we got it we had to get it-to succed in our learning.and the most important as you said- to have a will.and never give it up!=)

Well said…Ania R…!

We are all having one goal - “[color=blue]Improving our speaking and writing skills in English." We must always stick to the grammar rules whenever we put our language in to practice.

Keep practicing and then people will [color=blue]keep on [color=blue]smiling at your improvement

Dear Torsten,

All three things you had mentioned are impotant ones.
I would like to add that motivation is behind the reason why somebody started to study English. You can apeal to self-esteem of individual but from the very begining motivation is a first thing to find out and to think over.
Then we can talk about means to achieve this or that goal but the goal itself should be realistic. Isn’t it?
What for? and How? are good questions in this case. The third question Who? is going to undertake an exiting adventure
(how I call the prosses of studing English). None all of successfull leaners are leaders in daily life.

In conclusion I’d like to point out that an individual aproach is the best way of teaching and motivation is the best engine of studing. Without proper teaching and strong motivation it is all for nothing. While writing I uderstood that by your message you wanted to increase my motivation. Thanks a lot.

Best regards,

Olga Dianova

“Right Practice makes a man perfect”, so whatever u do in a right way, that does matters.

Dear Torsten,

I totally agree with all the three things you have mentioned. Practice makes perfect.
If you practice and have a mind that nothing is impossible, I am sure that you can achieve anything in life.


Donald Mpalika

Dear friends,

All your remarks sound optimistic. In one of the letters the author tells us that a winner prefers listening to native speakers. So do I. The problem is that there are very few foreigners in our country. Furthermore, few of them are English or American. Communication via the Internet is not enough for me.

You can talk to people who are well in their grammar…in this way also…you can gain practical spoken language…got it…?

Hello Inga,

Thank you very much for posting your first audio message here on the forum. I really appreciate your support. I understand that it might be quite difficult for you get in touch with native speakers in Minks. So it would be great if you could tell us how you have developed such a good English accent? Did you practice speaking English to yourself?

I look forward to hearing your next recording.

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