Threads renaming…


I understand the reason why you do that, and I agree that this is a kind of care about the readers of the site.

I would only want to note that because of that threads renaming I quite often lose topics (mainly, in quite ‘crowded’ English Vocabulary, Grammar and Idioms).
As I can’t recognise them by their long and beautiful new names and usually don’t have enough time to re-view all re-named topics.

In addition, forum search facilities often can’t help, as, I’d say, this forum provides very limited Search facilities. In compare with others.
(By name of posters, by time of posting, by combinations of keywords (with OR, NOT and ‘*’ ), etc… - I mean usual facilities of ‘classic’ advanced search :).

Maybe you will write some ‘standard rule’, how to name threads in a standardised way to prevent further re-naming?
As a recommendation for us, careless users…


Hi Tamara,

All your suggestions make perfect sense, many thanks for sharing your thoughts. We are going to update the forum software to improve the search feature and we will also look into the topic name question.


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Hi Torsten,

You perhaps know what I mean - at least, usual Search facilities for such kind of forum’s ‘platform’.

For example: … f6e82622f3

(Sorry for my strong ‘Russian’ accent :slight_smile: )