Though the tongue may seem like a simple organ

Hello, can you help me with these questions?

  1. Though the tongue may seem like a simple organ, it has a wide range of purposes, such as licking, breathing, tasting, swallowing and articulating speech.
    A. making B. delivering C. giving D. broadcasting
  2. To survive and reproduce, the human body relies on major internal body organs to perform certain vital functions.
    A. private B. personal C. inside D. inner
    (I though that inside body parts is correct, but the key was inner)
  3. A balanced healthy diet helps keep cholesterol levels down.
    A. Cholesterol levels are kept down with a balanced healthy diet.
    B. A healthy diet helps keep cholesterol levels balanced.
    C. Keeping cholesterol levels down is helped with a balanced diet.
    D. A balanced healthy diet is key to keeping cholesterol levels down.
    (I am not sure but I think both A and C is correct)
  1. Delivering is the best answer.
    Articulate means more than delivering speech. It means speaking clearing in an understandable way.

  2. Internal is the best word. I think inner body organs flows better that inside body organs. Inner works better as an adjective. Inside works better as a preposition.

  3. This is somewhat subjective. All four answers have a similar meaning to the original sentence. However, answer C is the only one that means exactly the same as the original sentence. The other three answers have slightly different meanings.

A. “Are kept down” is not the same as “Helps keep down”.

B. In the original sentence balanced modifies diet. In answer B balanced modifies cholesterol.

D. The key is not the same as helps.

C. This is rewording the original sentence. The original sentence is active voice. Answer C is the same thing in passive voice.


This is my observation:
Sometimes, there can be defective or erroneous (inadvertently rather than ignorantly) questions. But we need to mind the questions and the options already before us regardless of whether they are correct, logical or sensible.
So, possibly, we can mark the answers as below:

  1. B - ‘delivering’ - the collocation suggests it.
  2. D - ‘inner’ - the synonym closest to ‘internal’
  3. D - A balanced healthy diet is key to keeping cholesterol levels down. - It does most justice to the given statement. (key to keeping = responsible for keeping = helps keeping)