This Sunday/ Next Sunday is there a difference or not? Help professionals, please

Hi everyone,

I always thought that ‘this Sunday’ is the Sunday coming up this weekend and ‘next Sunday’ as Sunday next week.

By the way, ‘next Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday’, is that the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday after this weekend?

If my interpretation is correct, could then I say: ‘I will marry her on next Sunday!’ meaning Sunday next week, not this week.

Sometimes ‘next’ confuses me.

Thanks in advance.

Hello Alexandro,

If it’s any consolation, I often have that conversation with native British speakers. Some consider ‘next…’ to be the immediate following day that they are talking about. Others would call that ‘this…’ and next would be a week or more away!.
Also some people vary the rules according to whether that day falls in the same week or the following week.

No wonder English learners are confused.

thank you very much i just understand from your key answer

easy way to save the information in our mind “NEXT”

Hi Alexandro,

I would have thought that was an universal issue, regardless of what language people speak.
I am not a native English speaker, but we have the same conversation on the subject, that Beeesneees just mentioned above, in my country too. I am surprised that you do not encounter the same problem in your country/language, otherwise I assume you wouldn’t have asked this question in the first place.
I guess the easiest way out is to mention the day and the date (e.g. : next Sunday, the 24th). That leaves no space for misunderstandings, does it ?

…well, if you can remember the date, that is! :slight_smile:

Thank you all for your answers. Beeesneeees, it is clear to me now, but I had to know. Hi, no I do experience the same problem in my language. Thanks anyway for responding. Alexandro.