This Month's Newsletter

Dear Alan,

I read the last newsletter about persuaders but
i did not understand what do you mean by

but the car a ****, is safe!

Hi HanyGeorge,

This is a good question and Alan will probably answer it as soon as he returns from his stay in France.

TOEIC listening, question-response: How many times a day does that copier go wrong?[YSaerTTEW443543]

‘Excuse my French’ will be adequate after such a long staying there, I think…:lol:
OK, we will see. I’m looking forward to his explanation as well.

Hi HanyGeorge,

The point about this advertisement is that the girl is more concerned about her car than the window cleaner. In other words she is worried not that the man will hurt himself if he falls but that he will fall on her car and damage it. She rushes out and the man thinks that she will help him and put the ladder back but in fact she moves her car away from him, ignores him and goes back inside. As a result the car (I have used these symbols **** in order not to advertise the make of the car) is safe - out of danger. The window cleaner is left hanging on to the window sill.

Hope this helps.