This is the first time i've posted a top here, helppp

OMG, i don’t know how to begin this thing… ^.^
So “let get it straight” !(right? i don’t know, hehe)
Could you guys please help me with those phrase, and explain what each of them means, are there any synonyms? (if there are, what are they?), how can we use it and please give me some examples for each one:
1, in the balance
2, in all likelihood
3, in the charge of
4, in dispute
5, for the time being
6, out of pocket
7, under the impression that
Thanks in advance!

Definitions and example sentences for all of these, except (surprisingly) #7, can be found at:

idioms DOT thefreedictionary DOT com

#7 is at:

en DOT wiktionary DOT org/wiki/under_the_impression

(I cannot post links, so you will have to change “DOT” to “.”)

thank youuuuu very much!