This is the driving force behind Trump, Brexit, populism and inequality


I think this short video summarizes the fourth industrial revolution including its positive effects as well as its drawbacks and challenges very well. How do you suggest we can overcome the increasing gap between rich and poor people, between super successful entrepreneurs like Jeff Bezos and those who are left behind in terms of education and access to resources?


lol if I added my ideas you´d probably scold me a commie.


Nobody gets scolded here, everyone is encouraged to express their thoughts openly.


Thank you Sir. :slight_smile: I will share my point of view later.


I look forward to it :+1:


Have you ever watched the fiction serials “Startrek”? Particularly the second sequal “Next generation” in which the actor Patrick Stewward acts as Captain Jean Luc Picard gives an idea of what were needed for a new sustainable social system. People have departed from the idea that a personal property would provide people with the unique blessed feeling and safety but the community of man was what brought up good emotions and the feeling of safety. Noone would not store money into bursting coin garners or such silly things. All dedicate their work to the society and gets a return in form of a satisfying and peaceful life. Everything were available for everyone but on the base of temporary loan not as eternal property.
I mean probably people, able to avail what ever they were yearning for, would find out that their desires ,based on the fact that luxury goods they in the old capitalist society never would be able to afford, no longer were of interest for them.
But, and this is the big problem, people also needed to take their responsibility against the community or societ of man.
Reads a bit like schlaraffia? No it is not.

Goerge Orwell´s “1984” is a fiction only, too, but about to become real. I wonder why not Startrek can?