this is my essay, i need your help. thanks a lot.

What makes a good friend? Being well-educated, having same interests with you or giving you a hand whenever you need help? Indeed, nowadays because of the generation gap, parents occasionally know less about their children than their companions do. So some people suggest that if your friend has problem in learning a certain subject, and you happen to be very good at it, you should give a hand to him as soon as possible. However, I disagree with them, I think introduce a professional tutor to my friend to solve his problem is a better way.

First of all, being very good at a certain subject does not mean you can be a good teacher in that subject. A good teacher should be an effective communicator, changing communicating techniques to be sure students can grasp instructional concepts, which means the importance of patience. If someone ask me the same question over and over again and no mater what I explain, he still cannot catch my point, I will be mad at him, which might lead to bridges being burned and relationships severed. Sometimes I cannot realize the process of resolving their problem will likely take more than one day.

Secondly, we can learn many not only about our questionable subjects but also some other knowledge from a professional tutor. As we all know, one essential characteristic of a professional tutor is having a wide range of knowledge. In my senior year of high school, my parents hired a teacher to tutor me in English. She was a talented personal, in order to inspire my interest and help me better master grammar knowledge, she designed a teaching program that combined grammar learning with foreign cultural and foreign music. For example, how to use different sentence structures to introduce a foreign festival. By taking her lessons, I solved my grammar problem, and I broaden my horizon as well. On the contrary, if my friend asked me for help, I can only help him solve his problem, but cannot give him something valuable.

Admittedly, friends should try to help and support each other, but it does not mean blindly help. Being good at something does not mean you are an expert in that area. So, try to find the most efficient way to help your friends and do not show your ability off, otherwise your friendship may be severed. In sum up, I would like my friends ask help for a professional person rather than me.

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