This is me, Madeline!

Hi there

My name is Madeline

I am from Syria

I liked this site very much

Frankly my English is not so good

I am here to learn more

and improve my language

Thanks for everyone says welcome

your friend


Hello Madeline,

Welcome to! It’s great to hear you like our site and we really look forward to helping you practise and improve your English. Where in Syria do you live and what do you do?

Talk to you soon,

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Dear friend

First of all, thanks for welcoming

Yes, I know this site two years ago

and I like tests very much

I read posts in this forum every now and then

that make me want to share thoughts & learn more

I am from Aleppo in Syria

It is a nice city.

I am a student in Aleppo university

I study English letirature

But frankly I am not that good

My rate is about 60%

I am a little good in grammar

but not in listening & comversation

However thanks for your reply

Your friend