This for another day

“At Anfield, manager Brendan Rodgers will be hoping to improve on last season’s seventh place and he will have noted a hazardous Christmas programme which sees them travel to Manchester City on Boxing Day then Chelsea two days later.
This for another day. For all who say it is simply a matter of each team playing each other twice, the new fixture list offers hope and pessimism in equal measure up and down the Premier League and marks the start of the countdown to the new season.”

As you could see, it was dealing with 2013 PL fixture list. ‘This for another day’ could stand for smth like, “with a lot of time ahead, let’s not jump to conclusions/let’s wait what the new season brings”. Or…?
Thank you.

I suspect it’s flagging something up for discussion on another occasion.

Thank you, Bev.
If what I’ve dug out is of any relevance, it was meant to say, “Let’s leave this for another occasion/day” (short and snappy as possible).

That’s the idea, I think, yes.