"They said they would have known next week". Is it grammatically correc


I would like to know if the following sentence is grammatically correct:

“They said they would have known next week”.

Thanks in advance. Bye bye

If you report it (being within the week of occurrence) and mean actually ‘next week’, I think it’s grammatical. Otherwise (i.e. after the lapse of these two weeks) it would be ‘by the following week’ in place of ‘next week’. But you need to provide an object (or a pronoun) after ‘known’.

You don’t need to place a noun or pronoun after ‘known’ providing the person you are conversing with knows what you are speaking about, as is usually the case.

OK, thanks a lot. :slight_smile:

‘They said they would have known by next week.’
Is this OK and logical?

Because of the presence of “by”, you have to say “They said they would let us know by next week”.

Francis, yes, if you were aware what they would have known when you said '“They said they would have known”, the pronoun is not necessary. (I thought that the sentence should be clear to the reader/listener even without a context)

Neither of those who answered it said it was ungrammatical or incorrect. I was talking about the need for an object in order to render it clearer to the reader. It is not necessary if the person spoken to knows what the speaker says, as pointed out by the other. That is true, though conditional. I think I am not mistaken.


I am reminded of this:
Why / waI /

Such a very mature attitude!