they’re a great product

Hello everyone,

Syed provides an example of how advocates speak out on behalf of companies participating in this business‑to‑business (B2B) platform. “There might be a question in the Spiceworks community about Unitrends [an enterprise data backup company]. Somebody will come and ask a question and then one of the people in the community who sees it might write, ‘I’ve just pinged Katie from Unitrends. She’ll be here to answer the question. I think they’re a great product. This is how I use them.’ If you have a good reputation, especially if the person who represents your company on Spiceworks has a good reputation, advocates will show up and often correspond on your behalf.”

What does “they’re a great product” mean? Does it mean the company’s products/services are great?

Thank you.

The person providing the answer in the community forum (or other web presence) thinks that Unitrend’s products and services are great.

Thank you, Beeesneees.