They made sure the data was distilled

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From the book Thank You for Being Late by Thomas Friedman.

Qualcomm is putting these sensor clips on all forty-eight buildings in San Diego. Suddenly the building maintenance guys “got converted to data engineers, which is exciting for them,” added Tipirneni. They made sure the data was “distilled in a way that is easy for them to understand and be actionable. In the old days, when a facilities manager looked at a building, he would say: “If there is a leak someone will call me or I will see it.” They were reactive. Now, says Tipirneni, “We trained them to look at signals and data that will point them to a leak before it happens and causes destruction. They did not know what data to look at, so our challenge was [to] make sensor data easy for them to make sense of, so we don’t overwhelm them with too much data and just say ‘You figure it out.’ Our goal was, ‘We will give you information you can use.’

Does they in “they made sure” imply Qualcomm?

And what is the meaning of distilled? Does it mean "displayed on their tablets?
Earlier the text says:
But the fun part is that they started to stream all the data into icons on a tablet and then outfitted each of their maintenance men with one. The minute a leak or short happens or a valve is left open, it shows up on the tablet. And if something breaks the tablet will immediately display the repair manual.

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‘Distilled’ here means simplified as in ‘easy to understand/make sense of’.


I agree with Alan. I look at the word distilled as in the distillation process of alcohol. The word essentially has the same meaning just under a different context.