They have vs has fled

An Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) said on Jul. 20 that the couple has fled Singapore.

They left Singapore by hiding in a lorry’s container compartment on Jul. 4.

Should it be “the couple have fled” since in the next paragraph is the clause “They left Singapore”?



Hi Kohyoongliat,

In my opinion it should be ‘the couple has fled the country’, because they both wanted to do it, actually do the dame. If my explanation isn’t clear, I’ll make it clear:

  • The orchestra is playing ‘Romance Of The Gadfly’ ( they all do the same).
  • The orchestra are tuning their instruments (so they all do something different).

By the way ‘Romance Of The Gadfly’ is a musical composition by Dmitri Shostakovitch and very beautiful it is indeed.

Hope this helps.


Did you like ‘Romance Of The Gadfly’? I really do, like Monsy would, I’m talking about Montserrat Cabballé. She once said she liked every musical genre, because it reflected every musician’s feelings, emotions… I can’t agree with her her more. So, the following is an extra, I hope you’ll like it:

I think it’s clear that she enormously liked Freddy Mercury, like I do. She even did a song with a Belgian singer, Helmut Lotti, ‘Had To Be’, here you go.


The Immigration and Control Authority (ICA) said on 20 July that the couple had fled Singapore.


Freddy Mercury wearing a blue tuxedo?
He usually appears on stage without a shirt!

He’s obviously going for the larger than life operatic style as he did for Bohemian Rhapsody.
“Larger than life is just the right size.”
—-- To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar

I love that the conductor(who is not famed astrophysicist Dr. Brian May) uses a light stick and that they choreographed the audience. And that Freddy is totally over the top.