They collaborate with each other, communicate with each other, and eventually, make friends with each other

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement:
It is more important for the government to spend money on art museums and concert halls than on recreational facilities such as swimming pools and playgrounds.

Providing a superb and accessible approach to art, art museums and concert halls has played - and will continue to play - an indispensable role both in the social civilization and individuals lives. But we should not neglect the significance of recreation or sport. As a matter of fact, recreational facilities, like swimming pools and playgrounds, should be given higher priority by our authorities.

Probably the most important reason is that recreational facilities can offer good health to citizens. Currently, some people suffer from chronic disease, like obesity and CHD, merely due to the lack of physical exercise. So, sufficient recreational facilities can render people participate in exercise more frequently and readily, which should be a desirable avenue towards health. For example, my friend Jack, who used to get sick frequently, has taken part in a badminton club for a whole year. Now, I am happily surprising to see that his muscles become stronger. Better yet, he does not go to see a doctor as frequently as before. So, in view of the immediate relationship to health, our government do have the obligation to give higher priority to recreational facilities than to art museums or concert halls.

Inconceivable as it may seem, another supporting rationale is that recreational facilities is more practical and profitable. Survey results have consistently shown that the more investment in public sports or exercise, the more budget of health care the authorities could save. It is health which people can gain from recreational facilities lowers the potential cost of medical treatment effectively. According to the unique advantage of recreational facilities, we really don’t see any reasons that the government should invest art museums and concert halls primarily.

Yet another reason why our government should support recreational facilities primarily comes from sociality. In other words, people can build up their social network during exercise. It’s an easy and natural process. People, especially adolescents, would like to come together, set a goal, work for it and enjoy the end. They collaborate with each other, communicate with each other, and eventually, make friends with each other. It is not difficult to understand that exercises or games act as a contributing factor in sociality, which should be another reason why government should focus on recreational facilities first.

Therefore, the craving for health, the practical and financial benefit and the positive function of sociality are all compelling justifications to explain why our authorities should devote more money on recreational facilities rather than on art museums and concert halls.

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