There was one painting I wanted to see V There was a painting I wanted to see


There was one painting I wanted to see, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. Well, can I say “There was a painting I wanted to see…”?

Thanks once again. Bye


(By the way, you often use “Well” in your questions in a slightly unnatural way. I only mention this because you use it a lot; I don’t wish to nit-pick.)

You could say that, but the use of ‘one’ is more emphatic and a better indication of the fact that it was a particular painting which he wished to view.

Hi my dears,

Thanks a lot. (By the way, should I use “right” instead of “well”?)

I don’t think you need either. When you put “right” there, it is slightly ambiguous whether you are asserting that the previous sentence is correct or using “right” to announce a topic (as in “Right. Let’s begin.” for instance).

Thank you, Dozy. You’re very kind.

PS: I’m working hard to reach the B2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. But it’s quite a hard job!