"There" Sentences (There is the woman in the house, etc.)


I’m writing a graduation thesis on “there” sentences, and I’d like you to tell me whether each sentence below is right or wrong.

If there are sentences which are possible under a certain situation, please give me an example of the situation.

a.There is the woman in the house.
b.There is the book on the table.
c.There is the book of linguistics on the table.
d.There was the shadow of a big dog in the park.
e.There’s the possibility that John will come in time.
f.There’s the possibility for John to go abroad.
g.There was never the problem in England.
h.In England there was never the problem that there was in America.
i.There was the surprising odor in the closet today.
j.There’s the question to be answered at once.

I thank you in advance of your help.

Your study seems to have nothing to do with the use of ‘there’. All your sentences are possible, according to the usual guidelines of definite/indefinite article usage.