There are some term in business i don't understand

Cost and Freight:CFR
Cost,Insuarance, and Freight:CIF
Carriage Paid To:CPT
carriage and insuarance paid:CIP
delivered at frontier:DAF
delivered ex_ship:DES
delivered ex_quay:DEQ
delivered duty paid: DDP
delivered duty unpaid:DDU
ex_works: EXW
free carrier: FCA
free alongside ship: FAS
free on board: FOB

could you explain more details about these terms to me?

Hi, those are some of the Incoterms which are international sales terms. They are used worldwide to determine who is responsible for for what in an international trade transaction.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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If the buyer’s invoice reads, for example, CIF, then the total amount to be paid by the buyer includes these expenses.

The same applies to the various other terms you list.