The writer ------- that her book ------

[i]The writer ------- that her book ------ her hundreds of thousands of euros.

A) doesn’t believe / has been fetching
B) won’t believe / will fetch
C) didn’t believe / would fetch
D) couldn’t believe / may fetch
E) hadn’t believed / fetched[/i]

I think C.

This use of “fetch” is not natural to me. A single item, such as a rare book, might “fetch” a certain price, but a book that you write, which sells many copies, “makes” or “earns” you money. It doesn’t “fetch” you money. At least, not according to my usage.

Ignoring that, most or all of the choices are grammatically possible. C seems most likely and is presumably the expected answer. What is the actual wording of the question? Does it say “choose the most likely answer” or similar?