"The" with the names of countries

According to “English Vocabulary in Use” (upper-intermediate & advanced)
by Michael Mccarthy and Felicity O’Dell (ninth printing, 1999)
the following statement is given:

Some countries may be referrred to with or without "the’’ (page 62)
b[/b] Lebanon, b[/b] Gambia, b[/b] Ukraine, b[/b] Sudan

From the above-mentioned examples, I have learnt that the definite article
is optional!!!
Question: When to use “the” and vice versa?

Many thanks...

You just have to learn which countries use it and which don’t.

Hi Beeesneees,

To be truth, I don’t understand you.
Could you explain to me clearer?..

When to use ‘the’ with countries?

There is no rule. You have to learn which countries require it.

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Hello, Foreigner:

As the language coach said, we just have to memorize which countries take the “the.”

When I was young, Americans definitely said “The Lebanon” and “The Sudan.”

I noticed that about 10 years ago (more or less), the news readers stopped called it “THE West Bank.” (Palestinian territories)

Americans still say:

THE Philippines
THE Vatican
THE Netherlands
and probably others that I can’t recall now.

Because I am an old man, I prefer THE Ukraine, for I grew up hearing it with “the.” “He visited Ukraine” still sounds strange to me. But, of course, I must accept the changes.


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I think he has already given you a very good answer.


I think, perhaps, you did not pay attention to the time that I received the reply…