The web site is growing

I have not visited this web site for the last one month or so. It is my pleasure to see how this web site is growing. I find new people, including teachers joining, which proves that this web site is becoming more and more popular. It is really very nice to see all this, as I am always worried about the future of such a wonderful and one of the most sophisticated English-teaching web sites on the global net.
Good luck to all my friends here.

Hi Zahir,

Thank you for your feedback and your support. As you have said, there are a growing number of people from all around the world who use the Internet to practice and improve their English. As language enthusiasts like you join our online community almost on a daily basis the website will develop even further.

What about you? What projects are you working on currently? Any translations?

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Hi Torsten,

It is really very pleasing to see how one of my favourite web sites is growing so rapidly and how interesting it is becoming from day to day. I believe that a web site can be successful when there are a lot contribution from the users and when there is interaction between the web site and its users. This especially applies to web sites which teach various subjects. I think this is something you have achieved: now you have users like Conchita, Yankee and many others who make this web site more interesting and exciting with their tremendous contribution.
You have increased the number of tests substancially since I joined you in the autumn last year. I would really love to help you every time and contribute to this incredible web site but unfortunately, my present job does not allow me to do so.
By the way, I currently work for an embassy in Baku and am responsible for working with NGOs to provide them with grants for grassroots projects. You can imagine how strongly I need this web site for improving my English, since the country I work for is not an English speaking one and I have no chance of improving my English at work.

Please, feel my support for this web site every time even if I do not join you frequently.

Good luck to you all

Zahir Ahmadov

Hello Zahir!

How nice that you could find a moment to write on the forum! Let’s hope that, in spite of your demanding work responsibilities, you can still drop us a line or two from time to time.

See what we’ve been up to in your absence? Even I feel, after having been away for just a few hours, that this roundabout of a site is whirling too fast!

Stay in touch and good luck to you, too!