The weather

Among us Angles it is a favourite topic when conversation flags, the weather. Come March 20/21 we are supposed to see the arrival of Spring. Fat chance, say the forecasters. This foul weather is set to continue well into April. Happy Easter, everyone.


Hi Alan,

Happy Easter to you too,
And happy St. Patrick’s day!

When was the last time forecasters were right on the money with their predictions, hehe. They can be counted on to be off.


Thanks for that. Lovely use of prepositions in your last sentence!


Hello Alan,

Happy Easter to you and your family.
It isn’t a good news that this foul weather is set to continue well into April.
See what a terrible snow storm was on 15th March in Hungary. Though the forecasters told that it was going to be a snow-storm but the defense of catastrophe hadn’t noticed the people not to go outside. So for 48 hours the people were in the captivity of the snow. I found some photos but in reality it was more terrible because they hadn’t showed those photos what we had seen on TV where the cars had been buried under the snow so you could see only a little part of their top.

You can see here: … tml#512787

Kati Svaby

It’s great that there is a conversation-lull default-reset button in the UK. Does that exist much in the US? And what are the defaults in other countries? Has this already been discussed in another thread?