The weather on Bali

i would like to tell you about the weather in my country , especially in my island Bali . there are two kind of weather in my island they are dry and wet , and on this time we move onto dry season … that is very hot until make our body sweating … I think that’s enough
thank you for your lesson
may I know where is your location and where do you come from ?
why do you interest to give me english lesson

I’ve ever heard from some foreigners that Bali is more famous than Indonesia… Many of them even don’t know that Bali is a part of Indonesia. It sounds weird, but that’s the fact…

Pipiii, maybe the government should paste lots of Indonesia’s flags in Bali. Hehehe

Salmonella: Your idea is not bad, but I’m doubtful, is it the effective way to show that Bali is a part of Indonesia? Or they even think, Bali is an independent country, because they do not know well about Indonesia’s Flag…Just need your help to promote Indonesia to be more famous in International forum…:slight_smile: It’s the best moment to prove your solidarity as you told me that originally we’re from one nation, one descendant.

I have never been in Bali before, so I do not know how the environment in there. Last time I went to Indonesia was in Medan when I was around five years old. I do not remember much but I agree to say Indonesia is a good country with nice people. I’m just wondering, why do you use Australia’s flags instead of Indonesia, Pipiii??? Hehe

There are some reason behind I put Australia’ s flag, surely I can’t tell you here. If you get so curious, I will explain you further in pm. But I can guess what will you respond? You will blame me as usual…:slight_smile: Sometimes any criticism are so beneficial for me, can awaken me from faked dreams…lol. You said that Indonesia is a good country with nice people? Thank you for praising my country…Hopefully one day you will marry an Indonesian girl…It can decrease the frequency of Indo-Mly conflicts that tend to increase lately.

Australia’s flag…:stuck_out_tongue:

Nice one RockyHun, with very bright attracting color…I love it!