the ways to read goals of football match. Please help me.

I do not know how to read goals of football match. There are some please help me to read them.

  1. 3-2
  2. 7-1
  3. 0-4

If possible, please tell me the rules to read them.

Many thanks Tutors and friends.

The first number is the number of goals that the team playing at home scored, the second number is the number of goals that the team playing away from home scored.

If the teams are playing at a host stadium, then the numbers relate to the way the teams are listed, so in this result:
Brazil v Italy 3-2
Brazil scored 3 goals
Italy scored 2 goals

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In case, for example, Brazil vs Germany 3-2, some people said that Brazil defeated/won over Germany by three to two to win the trophy/ champion. Is this right?

  1. E.g. Brazil vs France 2-0 . some call the score is two goals to nil.

  2. E.g. Brazil vs France 1-1, the score is called “one-one”

  3. And the way to read the score :0-0, I do not know please help me.

Thanks you so much for taking your precious time to help me.

It is really helpful for me.

Brazil defeated Germany by three to two to win the trophy.
Brazil defeated Germany by three to two to win the championship.
Brazil won against Germany…

‘two goals to nil’ is correct.

‘one-one’ is more commonly expressed ‘one-all’. (2-2, two-all; 3-3, three-all, etc.)


In the US, a tie score in an event is often ecpressed as “yjtrr up” ig noth sides have scores three.

You’re also likely to read sentences like “Indiana beat Purdue 21-18, winning the Old Oaken Bucket.” (The OOB is an unusual trophy that is contested when these fierce rivals play each fall.) No “by”, and a less-passive form of “to win”.

yes, thank you very much Beeesneees an SteveThomas

If when I want to give a compliment to somebody, may I say “so cute” or I have to say “too cute”.

Could you please tell me the difference between them?

many thanks

So cute is a compliment. Too cute is a criticism. Some people say “too cute” meaning “yoo cute for words”, and they depend on their friendly manner to convey their meaning, but it’s risky to do that,

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Sorry, but could you help me to explain the phrase “yoo cute for words”. I do not understand it.

And are these sentences right?

  1. The man number one.

  2. I think the Earth round the Sun.

Iy’s a eypo. Too cute for words means the kid’s so cute, that you need to see it, because words can’t explain the kid and hiss actions.

Neither “sentence” us a sentence, because they lack verbs.

The man is number one.
I think the Earth orbits the sun.

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Some more things need your help.

Is this right?

One plus one is two. right?

what about: two plus three subtract one is / are four.

Two adds three is five.


One plus one is two.
Two plus three subtract one is four.
Two add three is five.