the water is boiled/ the water has boiled. Please look at my text.

Hi everyone,

I came across this text on the web:

‘18 g of liquid water is placed in a flexible bag, the air is excluded, and the bag is sealed. It is then placed in a microwave oven where the water is boiled to make steam at 100C. What is the volume of the bag after all the water has boiled? Assume that the pressure inside the bag is equal to atmospheric pressure.’


…where the water is boiled = passive voice.
…after all the water has boiled = present perfect.

I seem to be able to use both structures intuitively correctly, but can you also use ‘… after all the water is boiled’?

By the way, can one adverb be followed by another one as in ‘intuitively correctly’?


I can’t think of a context where “after all the water is boiled” would be preferable to “after all the water has boiled”. Personally, I would say “after all the water has boiled away”.

I think you need an “and” between two adverbs like that.

Tks so much Luschen

Tks so much Luschen