The verb feel and 'any longer-no longer'

Hello! It?s weekend! I can?t believe it!

Thanks in advance!

Here it?s my questions:

1.- Example: I FELT you again.
I WAS FEELING you again.

I have been reading about the verb feel,
and it seems it can be used in the present
continuous as well to express emotions, to
mean ‘touch’… but not to mean, for instance,
‘sense’ (Don?t you feel (only present) the
house shaking?’

I don?t know if I can use a present
continuos in my sentence ?cause
I think here the verb feel can mean both “emotions and
sense”, not?

2.- Example: You didn?t like chocolate any longer.

Is this sentence right?

I hesitate about the “any longer”.

Should it be “no longer”?

Thanks again!


Hi Jesus

I would understand the sentence “I WAS FEELING you again.” in an emotional sense (an emotional, figurative kind of touching).
“I was feeling you in my heart and soul again.”

To use this in a non-figurative sense:
“The dog looked dead. I was feeling the dog for signs of life when it suddenly woke up and bit me.”

“I felt you again” could have either meaning.

You didn?t like chocolate any longer.

You can’t use “no longer” here because your sentence is already negative (didn’t). Using “any” in a negative sentence is standard.