The use of "so". 'Marian was ...'

I have taken this sentence from ESL tests. Since there was no option that I could ask a question there, I am asking here. :o I hope it’s OK.

Shouldn’t there be a comma or semi colon after day? The sentence seems too long without any punctuation mark?


Hi Tom

Did you click on the top righthand part of the box for that question – where it says “Click here for Explanation”? :?

Yes, I suppose you could put a comma after day – but the sentence really isn’t terribly long. How do you like this one:

At the hour he’d always choose when the shadows were long and the ancient road was shaped before him in the rose and canted light like a dream of the past where the painted ponies and the riders of that lost nation came down out of the north with their faces chalked and their long hair plaited and each armed for war which was their life and the women and children and women with children at their breasts all of them pledged in blood and redeemable in blood only.

Or this one:

He saw a vacant field in a city in the rain and in the field a wooden crate and he saw a dog emerge from the crate into the slack and sallow lamplight like a carnival dog forlorn and pick its way brokenly across the rubble of the lot to vanish without fanfare among the darkened buildings.

Both sentences are from All the Pretty Horses (by Cormac McCarthy). Now those are sentences that qualify as “longish.” :lol: