The use of "nice meeting you" and "nice seeing you"


A native speaker told me that “nice meeting you” is used only after meeting a person [color=red]who we were not introduced before with. And once we are introduced, we say, “Nice seeing you”. Do you agree?


PS: Is the red line correct and natural? How about, with whom we were not introduce before.

Hi Tom

That is correct. (Or was it me who told you in the first place? :lol:)

I’d usually use this:

  • who we hadn’t been introduced to before

The use of “whom” would be very formal.

It’s OK if put in this way, right?

nice meeting you again

Very? Are you sure?

Hi Molly

I’m aware that you are quite fond of using “whom”.

Maybe, but I asked why you thought it is “very formal”.

BTW, would you say I use whom more than MrP does?


Are you trying to tell Tom that the most commonly used wording of his sentence would be with “whom”? (That sort of advice would sound rather prescriptive to me.)

What has “commonly” got to do with “very formal”? I’m wondering why you said that whom is very formal and did not just say “whom is formal”, which is truer.

If we exclude quotations, the Search facility reveals the current “whoms” score as:

(In terms of FIFA rankings, that makes M. Spain, and me American Samoa.)


Over how many years? Did you check out the used, not quoted, “awry” count? :lol: