The usage of 'one day'

Can I began a sentence with “One day” to mean

“any day”?. Is there any other option?

Is it normally used in stories?

For instance:

ONE DAY, he went into the
greengrocer?s. There were
lots of hearts crying on the floor. Hearts
of lettuces, hearts of lettuces crying
on a dirty floor. Suddenly… :roll:

Thank you!

Hi Jesus

Yes, you can use “one day” that way.

Crying lettuce hearts? :smiley: Very creative. :lol:
What about the heads? Were they crying, too? :cry:


This sounds so like Roald Dahl!

In Spanish, the same word for ‘stalk’ is used for ‘torso/trunk’ (‘tronco’). So there would be another reason for the lettuce to cry: when its leaves are cruelly torn from its stalk!