The TOEFL exam and you.

My dear friends. I feel I need to make my feelings known to you all about just how important this exam is to you and your futures.
You REALLY need to devote all of your time in doing your very best in each segment of the exam.
Just simply “scraping through” is nowhere near good enough.
You have to go in there ahead of the pack.
Gaining a place in university is not a “free pass” to the good life.

What you must realise is that in every university you will be competing against the best in the World in your grouping!
In the real world employers are seeking only the very best for their businesses.
Your going to university will increase your chance of finding gainful employment above the normal folk, but it is no guarantee that there will not be others equally qualified applying for the same position as yourselves.

This is your opportunity to avail yourselves of every facility we have to offer. The possibility to record and hear your speaking voice, and to improve your pronunciation and fluency. To improve your writing skills, and to ask the help of many people who are both willing and able to be of help to you.

You ignore these facilities at your own risk.
Remember, only the very best make it through.


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