The Thing in the fog.

The fog came slowly across the moor, encapsulating everything in its path.
The wild ponies of the moor clustered together for warmth, for they knew that evil lurked within the fog.
The sheep too, normally grazing loose on the moor, huddled closer for warmth and nearness. Their animal instinct warned them that evil was abroad, and they feared it greatly.

Within the confines of its protecting blanket the Thing moved with unbelievable speed from corner to corner, devouring every warm thing that lay there.
Rabbits, birds, snakes, anything with warming blood and tender pulsating flesh.
The Thing was ravenous, and when it came across a newly born foal it devoured it in seconds.

The fog and it were old friends, for they had travelled many miles together, and had enjoyed leaving dampness and decay in their wake.
They had travelled across many lands and savoured what each had to offer.
Animals of all types and sizes, even little children, had fallen victims to the fog and the Thing that dwelt within its protective covering.

But now the dawn was nearing, and with it would come the first warming rays of the sun.
A sun which would slowly evaporate the nights fog, and make it once more safe for both animals and humans to venture freely, without fear.

The Thing would hide in the forest and await the fall of darkness, when once again the fog would form and offer its protective cloak to the Thing.


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Thank you Lub. I have added two new stories for you. “The Nightwatchman” is one of my favourites. Will you give it a try?

The Thing in the fog

How about “The Watchman” Lin? Do you fancy trying that one?