The strange logic of traditional car owners


Traditional or conventional car owners have a rather strange kind of thinking. On average, 93% of the time a car doesn’t move but is parked thereby occupying precious space. But when a driver actually drives his car, most of the time he drives around in it with 3 out of the 5 car seats empty. So, owning a car is one of the biggest wastes of resources.


Put like that, Torsten you are no doubt right. But oh the joy of being able to transport yourself to where you want to be! Especially when your knees are 82 years old.


It’s really a waste of resources to have a car without maximizing its utility. But as Alan says, you can transport yourself to any place at any time of the day if you have one! When you reach 80 you will begin to change your present view, Torsten!


By the time I turn 80 completely new forms of mobility will be available: The Evolution of Car Ownership – justbutterit – Medium


I like and support the idea of ‘car subscriptions’.


Torsten, you definitely are right. The conventional car owning is a waste of ressources, space and -as you described- a useless catastrophe being run with one, three ore even more empty seats. Though, teach us old western car addicted grudges sharing our cars, driving cars in colours or equiped different from what we prefer. Oh my god, you´re swiming against the current?