The statue broke while it was moving to another room...

Choose and explain, please :
“The statue broke while it was moving to another room”
or " The statue was broken while it was being moved to anther room’
“Rewrite this sentence
" Fans can continue to enjoy the game”
=> " The game can continue to be enjoyed"
or " The game can be continued to be enjoyed"
To response to this compliment " That’s a very nice dress you’re wearing"
we will say " That’s nice" or " I’m glad you like it"

The first one is easy. A statue cannot move itself, so the correct answer is “The statue was broken …”

For the next, “The game can continue to be enjoyed.” is correct, but I can’t really explain why.

For the last, “That’s nice” sounds very odd, almost something someone “not quite with it” might say. “I’m glad you like it” is the more typical answer.

Some repetition.
It’s ok, It’s alright!

What do you mean to say that Beee, and by the way , thanks Luschen, but there’s a little problem here which is that my teacher say the correct answer of the first one BROKE ! She said that in some situation, we don’t need to use passive-voice-form, e.g, “My car broke down on the way home”. What do you think about that, Luschen!

Sorry Fouryz, maybe I was a bit too hasty in my appraisal. I think what your teacher is getting at is that “was broken” describes a period of brokenness - “The statue was broken for 2 years before it was repaired.” On the other hand, “broke” is better for describing the particular time or place when the damage occurred - “The statue broke yesterday.”

Notice the difference between these two sentences:
“The washing machine was broken when I tried to use it.” - The washing machine was already broken before I even got there.
“The washing machine broke when I tried to use it.” - Something I did may have caused the washing machine to break.

So I guess I agree that “broke” is best for your sentence. But I still think that #1 brings to my mind a picture of a statue walking around the museum.

I would phrase the sentence as: " The statue broke while it was being moved to another room."

Oh yeah, it should have been " The statue broke while it was being moved to another room" in the sentence 1. i was hasty ,too, to have written that.
Thanks Luschen.