The sorts of support which the firm could give


When the firm is going to support the crew by money as well as moral stuffs ‘‘I can’t phrase that good’’.

Is there any cool term I could use and would lead to the same meaning?

Thank you,

What’s wrong with ‘financial support’? Non-native speakers should avoid ‘cool’ phrases-- they are usually a source of social trouble.


We used to say [color=blue]cool all the time, Mister Micawber. My boss was native speaker.

I’m asking for the money and the ‘like morals’.

How can I say that??? Like; We will be very supportive and will back you up [color=violet]financially and morally. Does that sound ok?

Or, … if you can get me better phrase than mine.

Your boss may sound cool using ‘cool’, but I’ll wager you don’t: that’s the problem. As for your sentence, ‘morally’ is not quite right. You need to stick with the fixed phrase, ‘moral support’:

We will back you up. We’ll give you financial and moral support.

It’s about my species, Mister Micawber.

Sound’s cool he’s using ‘‘cool’’ but you’ll wager i’m the cool itself because of my species.

Being a ‘‘cool girl’’ that sounds ok. But I should’nt overact putting that word on my tongue ever or i’ll turn a spotted yellowish humpbacked frog by one midnight and there … I will never marry and I’m going to be the talk of the town. This way i can hear your tip better.

And thank you for correcting the phrase up there. It’s very much use.

/ Adieu