So, they thought I was finished did they? Well, they might just be interested to know that I had made three hits in the passed seven days, and had never been spotted!

Iraq had been a challenge, with very little cover and uncertain targets, but I’d done what I was there for, and I’d prove that I could do it again.
It wasn’t fair to have discharged me just because I’d caught a bullet in the leg from return fire.
Several weeks in a field hospital, and then flown back home … unfit for duty, a medical discharge and a paltry pension.

Oh, it was nice of them to find me a job as a watchman at a large factory, but what about the skills that I’d honed over three years there in that blistering heat, many times having to lie unmoving for hours at a time?

They hadn’t thought I was unfit then when I was left alone, deep in the heart of enemy territory with only my snipers rifle and a few rounds of ammunition.
The times I’d had to wait until darkness fell before making my way back to our own lines.
Gratitude!, and to cap it all, that doctor declaring that I was a little mentally unbalanced.
Mentally unbalanced and unfit for duty was I?
Well, I was going to prove them all wrong, and prove it here on my home ground.

Last night I had cleaned and tested my weapon a hundred times.
It worked perfectly.
I’d paid a lot for it, but only the best was good enough for my purposes.
I just couldn’t afford a misfire when I was so exposed out there in the woods.

I’d lain here, deep in the woods since before daybreak.
I’d scouted my position days before, and I was certain that this was the perfect spot.
No more climbing trees for me now that I had a damaged leg, but I could still do my job from this lowly position on the ground.

From down the track came the sound of approaching targets.
I’d already let others pass safely.
I knew exactly what my target looked like, and I’d waited patiently all this time for him.

Slowly they came into view, my target at the rear of a group of four.
I held my breath as they slowly passed chattering away like monkeys, and then he came, lagging behind as I hoped he would.

I raised my weapon, and as he slowly ambled past I said “Psst!”, he turned around slowly facing the direction of the strange sound.
The others had obviously not heard me, but he had.

His eyes opened wide in astonishment as the jet of water from my weapon stuck him cleanly between the eyes.
That had always been my target, between the eyes.
He might be only four years old, but he was the enemy and my target.

He cried out in alarm, and as his parents rushed back to see what was troubling him, I slowly edged my way backwards into the deep brush.
No-one saw me, no-one heard me.

That made four this week, and they thought I was finished!


Please listen to my recording and respond with a voice message too. Many thanks.

Good morning FG. As usual I promise to get around to recording this sometime later today. Yesterday I had a lot of essays to edit, and today seems to be starting in the same way. Never fear, I’ll do it.

Well, it seems I won’t be able to find the peace and quiet to record this. Germany beat Argentina and the cars and hooters have never stopped for the last two hours. Now we have thunder and lightening and Vio is going crazy with fear. When this noise stops we will surely have fireworks until midnight. Woe is me!
Maybe tomorrow…

Please listen to my recording and respond with a voice message too. Many thanks.

Thank you very much KitoOo :slight_smile:
now i got many mistakes i did after your recording ,indeed,without you I am so miserable :))
by the way ,it was a surprise that Germany could do that ,if i were there ,i would go crazy too.but I think it will be fit atmosphere for the psycho to huant the beauty girls ,right? hahahahahahha
Have a good day ,KitoOooo :slight_smile:

Oooppsss! What happened Aiken?

Sorry,my fault. My earphone was not fully home. After fixing I enjoyed your reading. Thank you Aiken.