The second recommendation letter I translated

Please help me perfect it, I tried to translate this recommendation but I am limited.
Thank you for your great help!

As the dean of Finance School of Renmin University, I fully recommend CG, once my student, to further his major study in your University. Designing economy policy requires participants’ ability to grasp the overall situation. Obviously CG enjoys it.
I participated some activities he organized. One of those is the evening party which was to promote communication among stuffs of finance school of Peking University and our school. The party was directed by CG, the monitor of class of public finance, and another student. The cost was in budget of our school. It was held pretty successfully, not only the programs were wonderful, but also there were some fun games for audiences which sparked the enthusiasm of all the audiences. The hall was immersed in a festival atmosphere. I was even invited to sing the song ”my heart will go on”.
Another event was entertaining sport meeting of Finance School. He was one of the organizers and also the team leader of his class. I was arranged to join his team, for the regulation required that each team had to include at least one teacher. He impressed me by his decision-making ability and charisma in his team. Eight members of the team need to weave something like a caterpillar chain using newspaper and drive the chain to roll forward, each person behaving like a wheel. He finally helped us defeat all the other eight teams.
Only four students of whole school have just been awarded first class scholarship for excellent social work, CG was one of them. Undoubtedly he had done an excellent job as monitor of his class and president of Young Volunteers Association in Finance School. Despite these affairs, his GPA is not bad. I believe his probability score could have been much higher with less social work he had to take on.
Consequently I recommend CG to join in your project. And I hope he could continue to improve his academic ability through the study abroad and make outstanding contribution to the stability of global economic development.