The scariest thing


What’s the scariest thing anybody has ever said to you? Mine goes back a long way:

The scariest thing…

What about your own scary story?


Hello Alan,

I liked your story. I will write my scariest story.
Excuse me this could have been very scary then it had happened, but it turned a very humorous story (Of course I could compensate with that young soldier). Almost every Regimental Sergeant Major takes pleasure to give a soldier lad a lecture. It could be terrible his mercilessness to stand you at attention when your coordination was bad, and at last his dulled brain came to the realization that you are a hopeless case. His sentence to you “ I will see to it that you never get out of this Tower of London as long as I live.” It happened inversely, you left the Tower of London and you got married and took your young children to visit the Tower. And who did you meet there? With your Regimental Sergeant Major who was still there and you recognized his sentence of rattle.: “I will see to it…”

Kati Svaby