The rule of turning adjective (or verb) into Noun?

Dear teachers,

I want to know more about the rule of turning adjective (or verb) into noun. Of course that rule isn’t always right, but we can use it in most of cases.

Thanks a lot.

No, you cannot use it in most cases— there are too many ways that this occurs:

[i]Happy - happiness
Hilarious - hilarity
Delighted - delight

Burglarize - burglary
Rob - robbery
Steal - stealth[/i]

What you will find in most grammar books is a list of adjective or verb suffixes which usually elicit certain noun suffixes.

I teeny,

In addition to Charles’s explanation I’d like to point out that many words in English can be noun as well as verb:
talk – talk
show – show
go – go
take – take
say – say
box – box

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