The restaurant that you would like to go to

I’m Phuong, Quang’s sister, would you mind helping me correct the mistakes in my speaking? Thank you very much.

Topic: The restaurant that you would like to go to. … sp=sharing

Hi Phuong, I like sushi too! Your answer was pretty good. But you went a whole minute. If you are practicing for the TOEFL, it is best to limit your answers to the time allotted on the actual test. That way you will have a better idea of about how much you should say. Your ideas here were very good, but you had a lot of pronunciation issues. Here are some:

“Is called The Hokkaido Sushi” - it should be “Is called Hokkaido Sushi” - generally restaurants don’t have “The” in front of their names

“theme” sounded like “Tim” - it should have a “th” sound and a long “e”

“cooking” sounded like “cushing”

“really love the fish tea there” this is what it sounded like, but I have never heard of fish tea

“I miss those food” - “I miss that food”, but you would only say this is you are from Japan, and thus miss the food since you no longer live there.

You use “really” really a lot! :slight_smile:

“taste” sounded like “taze”