The requirement 13 to 17

Hi Beeesneees,

Could you please help me the last part of this requirement?

  1. Is “shall” better?
  2. Is “in contents” correct? It intented to mean the contents of a tour.

Many thanks.

  1. I would say: ‘need to’ or ‘are required to’. Note that sunscreen and swimwear are not countable and should not be pluralised:

  2. Customers who need sunscreen, sunglasses, swimming wear, and the like are required to provide those items themselves.

  3. According to weather conditions, the tours may be canceled or be subject to a change of itinerary/events. If the prices also change as a result of any alterations to the tour, they will be recalculated and the payment will be settled accordingly. If a tour is canceled, customers will receive a full refund.

17 - Customers must bring (along) their passports…’

Thank you very much indeed, Beeesneees.

Hi Beeesneees,

I am sorry to post these “parts for check” one after another… Could you please check this one for me whenever you have time?

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That looks good.

Thank you so much Beeesneees.