The professor X made a presentation. vs The professor, X, made a presentation.

Which of the following sentences are correct.

  1. The professor Smith made a presentation.

  2. The professor ,Smith,made a presentation.



The professor, Dr. Smith, gave a presentation.


Professor Smith gave a presentation.

Thanks Mister Micawber.

Professor Smith gave a presentation.

The word “professor” is a countable noun but no article is included before the word “professor”, why?

It is his title: Mr Jones, Dr Smith, Professor Brown.

Thanks Mister Micawber

“An article should not be used with a countable noun when it belongs to a proper name, comes before it, and defines it.”
Is it a grammer rule?

Usually, but it does not always work:

Secretary: There’s a John Jones to see you, sir.
Boss: Well, show him in, I guess.

Thanks Mister Micawber