the problems of the elderly

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Topic: In many countries, insufficient respect is shown to older people. What are the reasons and what problems does it cause to society?

Currently, there are an increasing number of older people in society. In many countries, especially in developing countries, the elderly cannot receive sufficient respect from citizens, even their families. This essay will discuss the reasons of this phenomenon and the issues it causes.

It is true that the aged persons have some disadvantages, which make others disgusting them, to begin with, the eyesight and hearing of elder people become worse with the age increasing. Many young people will be impatient when they meet with these aged populations. In addition, the elderly will bring his (her) families a good many headaches in some countries. China is a case in point. The sons and daughters have no choice but to take care of their elder parents day and night when they get ill. Another important is that the government should spend much capital on old people, who can seldom make contribution to society. No one is willing to pay someone who is not able to bring profits.

Obviously, this phenomenon is the main source that leads to many social problems. In the first place, the morals of all humanity have reduced because of it. Thus, the distance of each person becomes longer than before. Moreover, it is harmful to keep social stability. In a great number of countries, even developed countries, we usually see that the elderly lives on the street. Meanwhile, there is a great deal of violence in these regions.

In summary, a series of factors cause the phenomenon that old people receive in sufficient respect in some countries, and it also leads to many problems, which are deleterious to keep social stability. Thus, we should pay more attention to the aged persons, who had made big contribution during their career.

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