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I suggest that you post messages in the reverse order like in a resume. I think readers like me would like to read their latest posts first. I have to scroll the whole page down to see my latest post. You might have your own reason for posting the oldest posts first, which I don’t know. If you don’t have any then you can find my suggession valualbe. (to moderators and teachers: please, do not hesitate to comment on my mistakes in my posts and thank you for doing this beforehand)

Dear Zahir,

Many thanks for your interesting proposal. If you take a look at other forums you will see that they all publish their posts in the same order we do. And as you suggest there must be reason for doing so. You see, a resume or CV is a bit different from an online forum. Your resume or CV is read potential employers who are professionals in picking the right person for a particular position. This means, they know exactly what type of information they are looking when they read a CV. Using an Internet forum is a different story. A user starts a discussion (which is called a thread) and if the first post is interesting enough there will be one or more responses. When another user wants to take part in that conversation they should know what the discussion is all about. In other words, they have to read or at least scan the previous posts. Now, how do you usually read a story? In chronological order. You start at the beginning and read on as the story unfolds. The same holds true for an ongoing discussion. You read the initial post and move on the first response and so on. If you want to jump to the latest (newest) message you can easily do so by clicking on the link marked ‘Goto page: …’ and then select the last one.
There are other forms of Internet websites where it makes sense to publish information in reverse order such as blogs or newspapers. If you like we can elaborate on this subject.
Best regards

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Dear Torsten,
When I visit this web site I first of all want to see what people replied to my messages, therefore I want to see the latest posts. However, you also gave very convincing justification of your option, so it is up to you to keep the order of posts like this or not.

All the best


Hi Zahir,

From now on you will be able to display all posts the way you suggested: The most current ones on top. If you scroll down to the bottom of a thread you will find a button called Display posts from previous. If you click on the option Newest first, the order of the posts changes you and you will see the most current one on top.

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