The olympics


The olympics ( are or is) held every four years

The Olympics is held every four years.

Please remember to use periods.

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You will hear people use both ‘is’ and ‘are’. I would say that ‘are’ would be the more common choice in your sentence, and ‘are’ is also correct. You will find ‘Olympics’ in any dictionary listed as a plural noun. Here, for example:
Cambridge Dictionary
Or here:
American Heritage Dictionary

When people use ‘is’, it is probably primarily because they are looking very generally at the Olympic Games as a single event.
[size=75]“For athletes, the Olympics are the ultimate test of their worth.” ~ Mary Lou Retton [/size]

Apparently, “Olympics are” is more common. My search brought up 532,000 uses, compared with 371,000 for “Olympics is.” Previously, I don’t recall ever hearing it with a plural verb, but even dictionaries that list the singular use list the plural one first.

Greek words are always like that, as Esl said: media, data, physics, mathematics, …, you name it.

Oops! Near miss to Mordant! :slight_smile:

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Since I am a learner this is my way:
google the two sentences:
“The Olympics is held every four years.”
“The Olympics are held every four years.”
Now, make a comparison between the results:
The latter is more popular.
So, I prefer to use:
The Olympics are held every four years.

Actually, Richard, in that sentence, I got 200 more uses for “is” than “are.” But I would encourage you to use “are” since every dictionary lists the plural use first.

If you want to get more precise results, place what you search in quotation marks. It will then search for the precise phrasing.

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