The New Seasons.

The Autumn is almost upon us now and the evenings are growing darker much earlier than in the Summer.
Autumn’s wind is that little cooler and stronger than it has been these passed few weeks.
The people who take their dogs for twice-daily walks are becoming less frequent visitors to the huge cemetery that all of the locals use for their animal’s exercise.

The leaves on all of the trees are losing their Summer greenery and turning to the gold that we forever associate with Autumn.

No longer do people stop for a friendly chat by the small bridge that spans the brook at the entrance to the cemetery. They hurry home with their rpets to seek the warmth of their centrally-heated rooms.

We three sit alone on a small bench and I smoke my first cigarette of the day.
My two friends want to walk even further and I hoist my tired old bones fom the bench to ascede to their demands.

My observations are not so searching these days, for my two frisky friends are eager to complete their own observations of the bushes and deep grass borders, so I surrender to their demands.

We complete the two-mile walk in a little over an hour and return home where they have to be towelled dry.
Six more hours and the process will have to be repeated once more.

It’s becoming rather obvious that I shall have to alter my routine and make some time for myself.
There are many things that I need to check on before the colder Autumn winds destroy the nests and hiding places of my furry friends.

This is not an attempt to write an essay, just keeping you up to date in what is happening in my life.


TOEFL listening lectures: Why does the professor mention Mona Lisa?

I see that you have been very busy, I love the way you discribe things in your writing. Someone told me to be descriptive, that’s what makes a good writer, I’m not quite there yet, I have a lot of practice to do, but you sure are. I enjoy your writings, please keep writing every chance you get.
I’m sure I’m not the only one here who enjoys your comments and ideas.
By the way, I think you most be very healty, to walk 2 miles a day? and 2 times daily? Wow I’m impressed. Good for you Kitos

Not so healthy, and nowhere near as fit as I was when I used to run between eight and twelve miles almost every day for twenty five years.

Irrespective of the weather conditions I would run home from work, a distance of eight miles, and if it was a nice day I would continue for another four miles.

Twelve miles in sixty five minutes was my norm. How I miss those days!

Still, reality is staring me in the face, and I don’t like it one little bit, but I accept the inevitable.

Time makes cripples of us all, and I have fared better than most.

All of my friends are now gone, but I have two new friends who tell me I can face any weather and do it twice a day.

Thank God that we found each other before I gave in. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


So far, I don’t know the exactly meaning of an essay. I searched its meaning in google but it’s very difficult to make picture of it. In portuguese (my native language) we don’t have essays. We only have article, which is a text written by a person who talk about his point of view about a determinate issue. We also have editorial, a text composed by editor of a newspaper. There is no word which is equivalent an essay. In spanish how does essay is called?

Good morning Tomasito. Perhaps this will help clear up the mystery for you.

All thanks to Google.

What is an essay?

The different arts and humanities subjects make their own particular demands on you. You may have to do various kinds of writing – diaries, logs, project reports, case-studies – or even write creatively. In this chapter, though, we are going to concentrate on the essay because that is by far the most common form of writing in arts and humanities subjects.

The word ‘essay’ originally meant ‘an attempt’ or try at something, but now it usually means a short piece of writing on a specific subject. It is a complete piece of writing that can stand alone – it must make sense to the reader ‘in itself’. You are given an essay title or question, which sets out the isues you need to address, and a word limit of around one or two thousand words – possibly a bit shorter to begin with. You work from the title, putting together an argument that leads the reader towards a conclusion. Your tutor marks your essay, making comments not only about what you have said but also the way you have structured and written the essay. These ‘criticisms’ are meant to help you develop both your grasp of the subject and your powers of expression. So an essay opens up a teaching–learning dialogue between you and your teacher. In fact, it does still have some of the original sense of ‘trying your hand’ at something, with the idea that you can get better at it through practice.

Your tutor will usually grade your essay too, so that you can see where you ‘stand’ in relation to whatever standards apply to your course. This means that, over time, you can see what kind of progress you are making. However, you should not see essay-writing simply as something to be endured because your work must be assessed. It is an essential part of the learning process. When you look back over a course you have studied, you will find that the topics you have written about are the ones you understand most clearly and remember best.
Key points

Writing essays is a very important part of studying because:

  • it deepens your learning of the subject you are studying;
  • you learn to use ideas to argue a case;
  • it enables you to enter into a dialogue with your tutor through which you can extend and refine your thinking, and your writing skills;
  • it enables your tutor to assess your progress.


Good morning Kitos!

Firstly, thank you for you clear explanation. “An essay is a short piece of writing on a specific topic”. My problem was there. I was thinking that an essay is the same with an Article ( those which we usually find on newspaper). Both essay and article have the same purpose; to show the view point of someone. But the difference reside on the structure. An essay, as you said, the limit is determined buy a teacher or a tutor, but this, do not happen with Articles. I share the idea that the essay can help you identifing your problems related with the language. You write very well the importances of writing an essay and one more time I agree with everything you said. To finalize, saying that now I’m sure about an essay and there’s on any doubt. Thanks Kitos :wink:

Tomasito, you are, as ever, very welcome to any help I am able to provide. You have proven yourself to be an apt pupil.

I compliment you on your appraisal of the essay written yesterday by another member of the Forum.

You continue to improve every day.


I’m delighted that you think that I’m getting results. My ambitious is to have the same abilites as yours. So now I’m trying to solve the problems I’ve noticed in my English. I wish you have a greet day Kitos. :wink:

Tomasito, :slight_smile: :slight_smile: I always have a great day here with my friends.

An essay, especially one which embraces your own choice of subject, is a wonderous thing.

It allows you to give your imagination wings. You don’t have to please, or satisy, anyone other than yourself.

If, in writing your essay, you do find an appreciative audience, then it is even better.

I would ask you again Tomas, to give it a try.

Write about anything,… just anything,… so long as it brings you pleasure.

The best essay I ever wrote was about the feelings I experienced at the birth of my daughter.

The only person to read it was my wife. She cried for twenty minutes without stopping!

Open your eyes and your heart! Care not about what others may think about your words.

I assure you that I, for one, will read it with a very great deal of pleasure.


I’ve read a lot of essay to know the structure and the body of it. You convinced me to write. I’ll try to write in this weekend then I’ll bring to this site. You’ll be the first one to read. Thanks to incentive me to write. :slight_smile:

Hi Kitos, since I’m practicing my speaking I will read your last posting, it has some interesting words as always.
So let me know what do you think about my reading haha.
Thanks :slight_smile: (Always trying something new :slight_smile:

Me again

Good morning Yamilet. Your reading is as good as your writing. You have the ability to read well, and to place the correct emphasis where required when reading.
You appreciate why the comma’s are there, so don’t forget to use them in your own writings.

Your voice is child-like and charming.Don’t ever change a thing about yourself.


Thank you Kitos
I know when to stop reading at a comma, but writing is a bit different.
My voice is child- like ? haha
Thank you for your comment, your writing was really sweet.
have a great day :slight_smile:

Good morning Yamilet. When I said your voice was child-like, I meant it in the most delightful way.

It is child-like and wonderous. You sound excited and amazed at everything around you. I’m sure that you have a personality to match your voice.


For me, it’s strange the way you pronounciate my nick name and my name:Both Tomasito and Tomas!!! :slight_smile: You speak very well and understandable Yamilet! Good Job :wink:

I’d like to hear Mr. Kitos speaking!! :slight_smile: It will be fun… I have never heard a german speaking in english… It will be the first time

:slight_smile: Good afternoon Tomas, I am English! Sorry to disappoint you.


ps. Still waiting to read your story Tomas.

I thought you were german! lol :slight_smile: That’s because the location you mentioned in your profile… So we have a british teach of English! That’s great :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t forget my homework Mr. Kitos. Probably tomorrow I’ll post it. :slight_smile: