the name of the museum

Is it acceptable to use the following form of the museum name?

The Minsk Scientific Library Book Museum.

Or is the Book Museum of the Minsk Scientific Library better?

I believe it’s a book museum at a scientific library (Музей книги Минской Научной библиотеки).
Then I would write it as The Minsk Scientific Library Museum of Book, for non-natives to better understand what kind of museum we’re dealing with.
Although you could meet the constructions like The Minsk Scientific Library Book Museum, grammarians advise you should avoid them.

Thank you, Eugene!

Hi both,

That shuld be ‘Museum of Books’, not ‘Museum of Book’.

Thank you, Bev,
We have The State Museum of Books and Book Printing of Ukraine.
But how about ‘Museum of the Book’ then, as in:
• Library’s Bienes Museum of the Modern Book
• The Art of the Book in California: Five Contemporary Presses,…

‘the book’ is seen as one entity.